Dear Colleagues,

Production Engineering is going through the biggest challenging period of its history with the highest levels of expansion not only in number of courses but also in professionals. A ABEPRO follows these process as a representative institution for teachers, students and professionals of Production Engineering.
The Association works for more than 20 years taking the following roles: to clarify the role of Production Engineering in society and its market, to be a link to the governmental institutions related to the organization and evaluation of courses (MEC e INEP) (MEC e INEP) and supportting (Capes, CNPq , Finep and entities which support counties researches), as well as private organizations as CREA , Confea, SBPC, Abenge and others non-governmental organizations which deal with research, teaching and extension of engineering.

The ABEPRO of 2011 is the sum up of several previous management which resulted in an Association which has credibility, public recognition for its ethic and representative. To enphasize the priceless contribution to those who came before than us, we formulate an explicit mission to follow for the biennial 2012/2013:

* To consolidate the recognition of practices of management with transparence, ethic and respect to the diversity of opinions.
* To have good practices of Management;
* To mantain the recognition by the Community of Production Engineering, as an ethic and representative Association;
* To apply activities of Pro-Active actions on the development of its actions-aims;
* To develop human competences and seek financial and technologic resources in accordance to the demands of the Community of Production Engineering;
* To develop projects that aim to make professional the organization of events, stablishment of an organizational structure with Permanent Secretary, in order to achieve regionalism of its actions;
* To organize efforts to ensure its self-sustentability as well as self financial schemes.

We thank the trust deposited on the Community of Production Engineering for the biennal 2012/2013 and we hope we can give our contribuition to the mantainance of evolution of ABEPRO towards full recognition in all the expectations of teachers, students and professionals in Production Engineering.

Directors ABEPRO.


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